Living w/ my wife Meghan in London, producing podcasts, working with finance professionals (@BrightTALK),  and finding ever more efficient ways to stay off the northern line – ha!

On weekends, we’re traveling around Europe, or hanging out in South London, or going to museums.

Most days, I’m training for an Ironman Triathlon and thinking about food as fuel & plant-based nutrition.

During the evenings, I’m watching documentaries, and reading books on ‘creativity’, as I want to get back into creating things. Also, I’m Listening to epic soundtracks (Hans Zimmer is the current favorite, followed closely by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross).

Finally, I’m posting to this blog at least once per day. Maybe it is about a book i’m reading, a lesson i’ve learned throughout the day, or a conversation I had, but my goal is to consistently post, because, as I read once, without consistency, there is no success. I also tweet from my blog to twitter.

“Now” page inspired by this.

(as of Dec 10, 2017)