My name is Ryan Ross and I am a creator, curator & triathlete. In school I studied power & persuasion, moved to New York City to work in Media from 2011-2016. I now live in London and work in a media & technology company.

A Triathlete is someone who participates in physical events w/ 3 stages – usually swimming, biking & running. I first did a triathlon in 2014, and it is quite addictive (but not immediately after you finish). I use triathlon to keep me active & healthy.

What does it mean to be a creator & a curator? I haven’t quite defined this, so I will keep the answer as a work in progress, but generally it is someone who makes things that are useful, or combines other things that other people have made into something else that is useful.

My hobbies include fitness, nutrition, reading, optimizing systems, and getting better at doing those things.

I am starting this blog as a way to consolidate my interests in one place and to be able to share my interests from a central location.