Digging Into Blockchain

After speaking w/ a cryptographer & cybersecurity expert, and then with the IT guy at our company, I realized that I should be taking cybersecurity more seriously.

Then I was served an ad by Oxford University about their Blockchain course. I looked at the course literature, which said that they believe that Blockchain has the potential to be the next iteration of the internet, and that we (in the development of the Blockchain) are at the same place as were in 1994 with the internet. This excited me.

I took a course on Coursera on blockchain basics, including where Bitcoin came from (2009 paper by Satoshi Nakamoto), how the blockchain works. This made me realize the implications that it can have in the future. I think it will be a totally revolutionary approach to how we transact w/ each other and with machines.

My luxury is that I love putting together systems. My challenge is that I don’t know how to code. So while I continue to learn about what cool projects and applications people are building on the blockchain, I’ll need to figure out which program language is most important to learn.

So far I’ve heard about the following:


I don’t know how any of these relate to one another. more updates soon.

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