Making the right point.

I read this blog post which argues that PowerPoint costs us more time than Candy Crush saga.

A point it alludes to (or the point that I am taking from it) makes is that hiring a professional “Power-pointer” would help us more than trying to do it ourselves, because just trying to navigate the user interface takes more time than making the Point (the big “P”)

Some people thought this idea was ludicrous:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.24.38 PM

But I disagree with “_beeks” argument that hiring a professional powerpoint artist is a stupid idea. The value of the PowerPoint creator is not that they can make a visually-appealing powerpoint. The value of the powerpoint creator is that they can help the person who will be presenting make the right point. They should help them tell the story correctly, so that the audience comes out with the essence of the idea, rather than the words that were said.

Learning how to make the right point is the first step in making a point. The person who can help anyone make the right point may be the most valuable person ever.

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