What is value?

“I’ll do that for you.”
Instead of you buying the land, cultivating the crops,  picking, drying & bagging the beans, transporting them 3000 miles, roasting the beans, grinding them, and extracting their roasted juice in the most ideal way – I’ll make that latte for you.
Instead of drilling the hole, extracting & transporting the miracle juice, finding distribution points that are most ideally situated for the most people to be able to get access & fill their cars with fuel – “I’ll provide the gas for you.”
Instead of you learning C++, Python or WordPress, I’ll spend 1000 hours to master the language & UX, and understand your business, so that your website can function as you want it to.
This leaves the value offering up to a question: 
What does this free you – the buyer – up to do?
What can you specialize in that other people don’t have to do, freeing up their time to do something else?

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