Doing the work

Gary Vee’s unofficial mantra – if you listen to him enough – just might be “Do the Work!”

Matt Damon says the same thing in a similar way: “When in doubt, just focus on my work”.

But what is work? And is it possible to be efficient in doing it?

I ask about efficiency because my first impression of work is something that becomes routine – at which point it can be automated. And if it can be automated, it shouldn’t be done by humans, we can leave that to robots now.

What if you had to mow a lawn without a lawn mower. Depending on resources, youc an either go buy a lawn mower, or get out the scissors or hedge clippers. It won’t be as efficient as a lawn mower would be – in fact it would take A LONG TIME to get it done right, but it would get the job done.

But work that can’t be automated yet, or has a high level of advancement, such as cooking a Michelin Star Meal – what work was involved in this? Sourcing the ingredients, knowing which flavors taste good together, being a bit risky and trying new combinations, making sure the food is cooked to perfection, plating the food correctly, and delivering it in the right way. This is all work, and it takes time to get it right. There are loads of failures that will happen to get it right. (But in art-based professions, imperfections can be hidden in the art.)

Oddly, people going to a Michelin Star restaurant are seeking the perfection in performance of beings (chefs) that are inherently flawed. Except in this one thing – cooking. The same thing goes for Broadway shows, Symphony Orchestras, and even Professional Sports matches.

So maybe work is simply getting through the failure, and finally landing on the other side when the job is finally done right – to perfection.

And that is when the goal-posts change. The competition gets better, so the professional must always be innovating in their techniques to get ahead of the competition. Or, they must exude such confidence in their work that even a failure is portrayed as a huge success to everyone else.

If we take this condense it: Work is refining old methods & incorporating new methods to create an ever-smarter way of producing value. chi-michelin-2013-chicago-guide-winners-named--001

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