The Moonshot Challenge

I created The BrightTALK Moonshot Challenge to encourage people to stay active throughout the year while raising money for Cascaid, which helps fund Cancer Research. The goal is to go 477,800 miles – the distance to the moon & back. This challenge ends on December 4th (27 days before New Years).

This is a big goal, and achieving it by New Years alone will be tough. You’d need to go FAST – 174 miles per hour non-stop for 114 days. Please don’t try that.

Instead, let’s spread the activity around & get everyone involved. 

If you’re up for it, I’ve done some math to break down the goal into very manageable steps.

Lets start w/ a hypothetical: You committed to 500 miles by Dec 31st.

Get out of town?! Pretty crazy right? No. Here’s why.

10,000 steps is a standard goal for daily movement (According to the CDC and Fitbit) to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

10,000 steps per day also rounds out (conservatively) to a 4 miles per day, if you have a 2.3-foot stride (Most people are between 2.1 and 2.5 feet – so this is a case where “baby steps” don’t apply – ha!)

10000 x 2.3 feet = 23000 feet = 4.35 miles…per day!

Today is August 13, which gives people 140 days until the end of the year.

140 days x 4.35 miles per day = 609 miles per day. Thats a 109-mile buffer.

So, Can you go 500 miles before Dec 31?

This is not a stretch, is just a matter of keeping track of your steps, and keeping up your momentum to do 10,000 steps every day.

We track on Strava (Free to sign up), and you can join the club here: Ready to commit to 500 miles or Start a team to do so with you? Register here:

So, to keep track of your steps, to challenge yourself & your friends to keep up the momentum, and to raise money for charity, join us The BrightTALK Moonshot Challenge – we’d love to see you get to 500 miles this year. Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 08.59.25

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